Begin by going to the District ClubRunner Website at
Click on the “Member Login” link in the top right corner.

Click on the “New user?” link towards the bottom right of the sign-in form.

On the next screen, select our club and enter your last name and the email address you used on your Member Application form. If you can’t figure out which email you used, contact

Once you submit for your Login Retrieval, you will receive a Green Box update at the top of the form that your profile was successfully located and an email has been sent to you to reset your password. Check your email and click on the reset password link.

Email sample for password reset

On the Password Reset page, you will be shown your Login Name.  It is your a combination of Firstname.Lastname.#####. Write this down.  Then enter and confirm your desired password and press Submit.

Reset Password screenshot

Remember to write down your Login Name for future use.

Once you log in to Clubrunner, you will see a dashboard screen. Click on the “My Profile” link.

Clubrunner Dashboard screenshot

You will see your Member Profile in read mode.  Click the Edit button to change information.

Member Profile screenshot

Update your information as fully as possible. Before you leave the page, remember to PRESS the SAVE button.

Update and Save your profile.


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