Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the commonly asked questions we get asked. Don’t see your question here? Contact us with any other questions you may have.

How do I become a member of the Comox Valley Rotary Club?

The first step is to come to one of our regular meetings as a guest! If you have been invited by an existing member, that’s excellent! You probably already know a bit about what to expect. But if not, please don’t let that stop you – we encourage people to come and we’ll be happy to welcome you at any meeting. We would recommend first contacting our membership director ( or anyone on our board just to confirm the meeting time and location and so we can add your name to the guest list and ensure you receive a warm welcome.

What are the requirements of prospective members?

Prospective Members Must:

  • Have demonstrated a commitment to service through personal involvement
  • Be able to meet the club’s monthly attendance or community project participation requirements
  • Live or work within the vicinity of the club or surrounding area
What are the responsibilities of membership?

Members are expected to attend at least 1 monthly club meeting. They must pay annual dues to their clubs, their Rotary district, and Rotary International, and they’re expected to participate in local or international Rotary club activities or projects. Clubs encourage members to aspire to club leadership or committee roles.

What are the attendance requirements?

An attendance record of 50 percent is required to remain an active Rotarian. Any missed meeting could be made up within 14 days before or after the regular meeting. To accommodate busy schedules, there are various opportunities to make up missed meetings i.e. our club considers a volunteer event that you participate in, and document by posting online with #CVRC attached, as making up for missing a meeting.

What is the minimum age to be in Rotary?

The minimum age to join the Comox Valley Rotary Club is 18. You may be invited to join at any age after you become established in a career and have the time and financial resources to meet all Rotary club membership requirements. If you’re interested in joining a Rotary club, ask members about the time and financial commitments necessary to fulfill membership requirements, and consider whether you can make those commitments.

Is there a way for high school students to get involved?

Yes. Interact is a Rotary-sponsored service club for those ages 12 to 18. Interact clubs give young people an opportunity to participate in fun, meaningful service projects while developing leadership skills and meeting new friends.

If I’m not a Rotary Club member, can I still volunteer and help out with service projects?

Yes! You can offer to assist any Rotary club with its local service projects.

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