People of Action

Rotary is where neighbors, friends, and problem-solvers share ideas, join leaders, and take action to create lasting change.

Image by John Bonner Photography. CVRC 2020 Beach Cleanup at Goose Spit.

How to Become a Member

We are always looking for energetic, like-minded individuals who are excited to take action and  give back to our communities.

It’s an easy process to get started:

Step 1

If you’re new to Rotary, learn more about what it means to be a Rotarian, and the requirements and expectations of our members.

Step 2

Come to one of our regular meetings as a guest! If you have been invited by an existing member, that’s excellent! You probably already know a bit about what to expect. If not, please don’t let that stop you – we encourage people to come and discover Rotary and we’ll be happy to welcome you at any meeting.

It would be a good idea to contact on of our current directors (full contact details here) just to confirm the meeting time / location. It also allows us to add your name to the guest list and ensure you receive a CVRC welcome.

Step 3

You are welcome to come back as a guest to several meetings, and also join in on some service projects or activities, to get to know the club and the way we interact. We want people to join us who are going to be as passionate and engaged as possible in our shared vision and culture.

Step 4

Once you decide you’d like to join, you will need a current member of the club (your sponsoring member) to propose you as a candidate member to the club. You’ll likely know several people in the club by this point who will happily act as your sponsor, but you can also contact the membership director who can sponsor you directly.

Step 5

Your sponsor will ask you to complete our membership form below with some information about who you are and what you do, which will be presented to the club.  Existing club members will then have an opportunity to give feedback on your proposed membership, and after that (assuming no significant objections or concerns are brought forward), you will be accepted as a new member of the club!


Ready to Join?

“We are DRIVEN by a desire to strengthen communities. We MOBILIZE problem solvers. We FIND solutions to tough challenges that affect people around the world.”
– Rotary Int’l President, Ian Riseley

Rotary International has united more than a million members and changed the world for almost 100 years. Join us to create lasting change in yourself and across the globe.

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