What it means to be a Rotarian

Rotary is unlike any other service organization. It is a powerful force around the globe with over 35,000 clubs world-wide and over 1.2 million members. Rotary is over 100 years old and over that time, through the hard work of many, have grown Rotary into an unstoppable force that is making a difference all over the world. Through support of members, Rotary has done amazing things, including having contributed over 1.2 Billion dollars to the fight against Polio, worked with villages to help them install clean water, built schools, plus many other endeavors that change the lives of families and communities around the world.

Even in our own community Rotary has had a huge impact thanks to the Rotarians in the Comox Valley. Ducky500, Ribfest, Whiskeyfest, Beer Fest and countless other fundraisers organized by average, everyday CV’rs who believe in Service Above Self. These Rotarians have raised enough money to fill important gaps in our community like splash parks in Comox and Courtenay, various Rotary Trails, D’Esterre House, plus many many more important projects.

People join for a variety of reasons. Some enjoy the camaraderie, the ability to network with fellow business owners and peers, and some really enjoy the volunteer and service opportunities organized by the club. But the one thing that Rotarians share at their core, is the belief in what Rotary stands for. For prospective members, understanding the Rotary values and vision is vital to determining whether or not Rotary is right for you.

Becoming a Rotarian is more than paying the dues and becoming a member. Being a Rotarian means:

  • having the opportunity to experience the warm fellowship of a Rotary Club which can greatly expand one’s circle of acquaintance, foster lifelong friendships, and help one do for his or her community what he or she might never accomplish alone.
  • taking an active role in your club. Participate in events, join and or chair committees and at least once in their Rotary career, volunteer to be on the executive. Rotarians are actively involved in the affairs and service projects of their club.
  • contributing to Rotary Foundation, the funding pool that allows clubs to get grants from Rotary for local or international projects.
  • maintaining high ethical standards in one’s business, one’s profession, and in one’s personal life.
  • meeting (and exceeding) attendance requirements.
  • adhering to the “4 Way Test.” Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill & better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Being a Rotarian is a way of life. Joining a Rotary club can be an immensely fulfilling experience of friendship and making a visible difference in the community. You will be able to see tangible results of the work done by your club in your community and you can transform the lives of families and towns around the globe through international endeavors. It will change your life.

Learn more about how to become a member of the Comox Valley Rotary Club. Be the inspiration.

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