District Training and Conference (DTAC) 2020, May 15th and 16th

March 2, 2020
Meet Mitty Chang, a Rotarian, through and through. His Rotary connection began as an Interactor, becoming a Rotaractor, followed by becoming a member of The Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley.
Mitty Chang is one of four Keynote Speakers at The District and Training Conference (DTAC) 2020 being held at The Victoria Conference Centre (VCC), May 15th and 16th.
Mitty has an outstanding involvement with Rotaract:
  • chartered two Rotaract Clubs: one at the University of California, Davis and one in his hometown of Fremont, California.
  • For 8 years, Mitty helped build Rotaract, serving a variety of positions from Rotaract Club President to Rotaract District Governor. 
  • An International speaker to both Rotarians and Rotaractors (Canada, Portugal, Thailand, Australia, Brazil, Korea, Malaysia, India, and throughout the USA)
  • his talks focus on Rotaract and attracting young professionals into Rotary.
Visit his website: https://mittychang.com/#about
A comment that caught my attention: Rotary’s Greatest Problem Today is Becoming Obsolete.
He has some suggestions to counteract this. At DTAC 2020 he will be speaking on The Future of Rotary (Friday May 15th, 12:35 pm).
At 1:30 pm Mitty will give a SPECIAL INTEREST SESSION: Best Practices For Attracting Younger Members
Rotaract and Rotary Clubs have many features in common. Some of the training sessions both groups should find of interest:
  • The Art Of Public Speaking – Celebrating Toastmasters Collaboration With Rotary. (A University of Victoria Rotaractor is a member of a Toastmasters club. Are you?) 
  • Making Positive Change In Your Club Meetings
  • Being the Peacemaker – Conflict Resolution
  • Growing Membership – How To Have An Attractive Club
  • Making The Most Of Your Rotary Club Website
  • How To Have A Purposeful & Engaged Board
  • The Satellite Club – What Is It & How Do You Start One?
Remember while you are learning, listening and laughing (it always helps), ENJOY. We have come together to connect with each other as ‘Rotary Connects The World’
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Hotel accommodation is at a premium – it is a holiday weekend in Canada. Please reserve accommodation.
Register here:
The DTAC 2020 committee look forward to seeing you and meeting you in May in Victoria

Joan Peggs, DTAC 2020 committee

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