Welcome to the Rotary Club of Comox Valley

The Rotary Club of Comox Valley is not your parent’s Rotary club. We’re putting a new spin on the Rotary—keeping the valued vision, values and mission—and formatting it in a way that is more meaningful to a new demographic of Rotarians, meaning more people can do more good, more often, in a way that fits their schedule.

Do Good Things

Our goals is to effect change in the Comox Valley either through starting our own projects or by helping other local Rotary groups achieve their goals.

Meet New People

Expand your network and make new friends! Rotary members often comment how they met some of their best friends at Rotary.

Personal Growth

By doing good things and meeting new people, you will grow in a way that will positively affect your personal and professional life.

Making an Impact

Up until now there have been four Rotary clubs in the Comox Valley and the impact these clubs and their members have had on our communities has been enormous. We are looking forward to not only starting our own new projects but teaming up with some of the other groups in the valley to help support their goals and learn from their collective experience.

Come see what it’s all about! Join us for our regular club meetings:

  • The first Tuesday of the month
  • The third Wednesday of the month

Currently we meet at 40 Knots Winery at 6:30 pm.

Our 2018/2019 Board

President: Kevin Niemi
President-Elect: Angela Zumbo
Vice President: Nicole Gavac
Secretary: Grant Powers
Treasurer: Nikki Mahy
Service Director: Vanessa Metcalf
Foundation Director: Maris Russell
Public Image Director: Kris Trudeau
Membership Director: Greg Chadwick
Advisor & Mentor: Dale Roberts

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